September 18, 2021

Stanley 90-947 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench Review

Stanley 90-947 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench Review


The Stanley 90-947 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench is meant as a homeowner’s wrench for home improvement tasks, as well as for plumbing, assembling and vehicle and automobile repair, and maintenance. This wrench is considered as the go-to wrench for working in places with a little place, due to its design and adjustable jaw.

STANLEY MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench, 6-Inch (90-947)
  • Tapered jaw design of the adjustable wrench allows for work in limited space applications
  • Slip-resistant bi-material handle for a comfortable grip
  • Wide-capacity jaw accepts a wide range of fastener sizes
  • Knurl adjusting mechanism for quick and precise adjustment
  • Laser-etched SAE and mm jaw scale for easy size adjustment
  • Built-in tension spring stabilizes movable jaw
  • Meets ANSI specifications

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Product Specifications:

It has a tapered and adjustable jaw, and the overall size of the wrench is 6 inches, making it more portable and easier to carry than other conventional wrenches.

It has a solid grip with no harsh edges and can accept a variety of fastener sizes; it is also thinner than most standard wrenches.This means that it can hold the nuts and bolts closer to their width, thereby ensuring correct setting.

The jaw itself has a laser marked SAE and metric markings for more accuracy when setting and fastening into place. The jaw is also movable and self-adjusts to the nut or bolt that is being put into place, it also has enough torque to loosen the nuts and bolts and exceeds the ANSI standard specifications for it.

Pros and Cons:

The wrench’s adjustable head ensures smooth action during adjustment. Another excellent feature of this wrench is its size, which makes it easier to place around the house, and even in your toolbox without taking much space, and also makes it easier for adjustments in hard to reach areas, and even adjusting larger sized nuts and bolts.

It is also lightweight and comes with an excellent grip and isn’t flimsy with high quality, as well as sustainability guaranteed.

The main complaints concerning this wrench are that the small 6-inch size of the wrench can be a problem when it comes to getting sufficient leverage.

Since the jaw is movable and adjustable, over time the grip of the jaw becomes loose, and that can create problems when fastening, which might require constantly tightening the jaws during usage. It is not stainless steel, so can rust over time as well. The grip is made of plastic.

Why Should You Buy it?

This wrench is a must-have for any toolbox, simply because of its convenient size and multiple uses, thanks to its adjustable jaw, which opens up far wider to incorporate larger fastener sizes than most wrenches of the same size.

It offers great value for money, considering that it does more work, than other wrenches it size and works on a variety of nuts and bolts.

Whether it’s loosening or fastening, this wrench ensures easy usage, even in hard to reach places, which poses a problem for most wrenches. Its solid plastic handle means that you do not require gloves to use it, making it ideal for home improvement and plumbing tasks.

Final Verdict

Overall, this wrench is highly recommended, because of its ability to do its job in limited spaces, adjust to different fastener sizes, while being portable and easy to carry, since it does not weigh much and along with that, also has a durable grip. It provides a high amount of value at a very reasonable price point. Go get this stanley adjustable wrench now.

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