September 18, 2021

Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set, 3 Piece Review

Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set, 3 Piece Review


The Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench set comes with wrenches of three sizes, the smallest one being of size 6-inches, the second one is of size 8-inches and the largest one is of size 10 inches. These wrenches are more suited to specific jobs such as pipework and general assembly and are considered more heavy-duty than other Craftsman brand wrench sets.

Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set, 3 Piece
  • Includes 6", 8" and 10" adjustable wrenches
  • Each tool has a tapered head, which will help you move around, under or inside tight spots
  • Resisting wear, abrasion and rust, these Craftsman wrenches have a coating that outperforms conventional finishes

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Product Specifications:

The dimensions of this wrench set allow it to weigh less and thus, be lighter than similar heavy-duty wrenches. It does manage to overqualified when it comes to American standard general specifications GGG-W631b, which make this product one of its kind in the market, when it comes to getting a good amount of torque for sufficient leverage, which is the most prevalent problem, people face when choosing to get a wrench.

This wrench set ensures that tight spots and places with little or practically no space are not an issue, due to its tapered head, which automatically adapts itself to the fasteners at hand. This wrench set comes with metric scale markings on its extra-wide adjustable jaw, as well as a superior finish which makes it not only corrosion free but also makes it resistant to any form of wear and tear.

Pros and Cons:

The pros of this wrench set are that the high quality is guaranteed since this is a pure ‘made in USA’ product, not like the other wrenches, which are often outsourced to countries like China. The wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty, in the case of any repair, damage to the product, malfunction and defected product, which makes it a risk-free purchase.

The price tag of the wrenches is also justified when you consider the fact that, they are far more durable and will last you a lot longer in comparison to made in China products.

The major complaint associated with this product is that during usage, the lower jaw can sometimes loosen up, and has to be fixed into place for it work properly. Other than that, there are practically no other complaints against this product.

Why should you buy it?

This wrench set if worth purchasing due to the value of money that it provides, as well as the fact that is serves the purpose of multiple wrench sets at once, and you only need these three wrenches to be able to do everyday household tasks and automobiles as well.

It also comes with metric scale markings to ensure further precision when making adjustments. The lifetime warranty and the fact that it not only meets but in reality exceeds the general specifications required of this product, make this product that is worth it.

Final Verdict

The overall verdict on this wrench set is that is highly recommended and well worth the premium price tag that it comes with, due to the superior quality it comes with. The fact that the products are manufactured in the US, also lend credibility to its name and these features, make it a worthwhile addition to any toolbox.

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