WORKPRO W003202A 4-piece Adjustable Wrench Set

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4/5 on December 16, 2016

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The WORKPRO W003202A Adjustable wrench set comes with a wide variety of wrenches, which can cater to every adjusting need, whether it’s around the house or plumbing and pipework, this set has a small wrench ranging from 6-inches up to 12-inches.

Product Specifications:

This wrench set comes with close roller action to make sure the adjustable jaw stays in place since. Standard adjustable jaws do have a tendency to jam sometimes or loosen over time. The small roller action with machined jaws prevents this from happening.

One side of the jaw comes with metric markings, and the other with SAE markings, which further help in making precise adjustments. This is especially important when it comes to automobile repair and maintenance.

It is made of high-quality forged carbon, coated with chrome to give it a smooth finish make it corrosion resistant. The jaws for all the wrenches are 4-sided and adjustable, which means that they can adjust to every type of fastener. Another interesting feature is that the wrenches have been heat-treated, which makes them more durable, as well as well-suited for automobile repair.

Pros and Cons:

The set provides reasonable value for money and is ideal for standard everyday use. You get four wrenches for the price of one. The different sizes and heavy-duty construction make this package less susceptible to malfunction or breakage.

They are not very bulky, so you won’t have to worry much about space in your everyday toolbox. This makes them more convenient than other wrenches sets of similar value. The best part about this set is its price tag, which is very reasonable compared to the value you get for four wrenches.

The only con associated with this wrench set is that it can sometimes be a bit hard to grip the wrenches because they do not have a separate handle. This could make it more difficult for some to get a decent enough grip to be able to get sufficient torque to turn stubborn nuts and bolts.  

Why should you buy it?

This set is worth buying mainly due to the inexpensive price point it comes with and the number of wrenches you obtain when purchasing this set. The wrenches are laser marked with SAE and metric scales. A bonus for this wrench set is the close roller action, which helps set the adjustable jaw correctly in place, with little or no movement. The 6-inch and the 8-inch wrench are suited more for hard to reach areas and home improvement tasks, whereas the larger wrenches of 10-inch and 12-inches are adapted to pipework and car usage, especially because they are heat treated.

Final Verdict

Overall, this set offers a decent quality and very durable product. It is recommended mostly because of its value for money and due to its strong finish and durability. It is guaranteed to last you a long time before you need to make a repurchase.

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