Stanley 87- 473 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench

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4.5/5 on December 16, 2016

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The Stanley 87-473 12-Inch adjustable wrench is engineered as one of the premium, high-quality, durable wrenches in the Stanley product line. It is one of the longer wrenches suited to plumbing as well as automotive fastening and usage. It is a solid, heavy duty wrench.

Product Specifications:

This is a 12-inch wrench, which makes it easier to get enough leverage to loosen or fasten nuts and bolts. It has a chrome finish, which makes it rust-free and therefore, more durable than other wrenches. No matter how moist it gets, this feature is especially useful in plumbing environments.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers repairs and replacement in case of damages to the product. It comes with an inch scale, to ensure preciseness when fastening.

Another interesting product specification is its weight. It’s lighter compared to other wrenches of similar size and price. The adjustable jaw it comes with is sturdy and does not move when making adjustments, due to its strong gear work.  

Pros and Cons:

It is a crescent shaped wrench, with a sturdy adjustment that will hold the fasteners in place without any looseness that can cause problems later on.

The ruler markings are also a very helpful feature. The chrome-finish guarantees a decent life span and will make sure that the wrench fares well in moist conditions without rusting. It is large enough to deal with most fasteners which smaller wrenches are not able to do.

The main cons of this product are, that since it is a 12-inch wrench, it is hard to use in places with limited spaces and also that the jaw does not open as wide to accommodate larger fasteners. These cons limit the functionality of its use. Overall, though the cons for this wrench are few far and between since it is a heavy duty, high-quality wrench.

Why should you buy it?

This wrench is not only suited to multiple environments but is also highly durable because of the chrome finish. It comes with high quality and an affordable price tag, which is very reasonable when compared to the market price of 12-inch wrenches of similar quality and ability.

The adjustable jaw means it can accommodate a variety of fastener sizes and lengths. It is robust and heavy and can put up with a lot of work.

It works flawlessly; the measurements etched into the jaw can also prove to be very helpful when making adjustments. It holds up the torque, and the size of the wrench is perfect for providing sufficient leverage.

Final Verdict

Overall, this wrench is highly recommended, especially regarding its multiple product features including an adjustable jaw, sturdy grip, and chrome finish. Another excellent aspect of this wrench is the superb value for money if offers. It has all the features of a high-quality wrench, without the expensive price tag that comes with them.

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