IRWIN Tools Adjustable Wrench Set 2-Piece (6 Inch and 10 Inch)

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3.9/5 on December 16, 2016

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Whether it’s plumbing or automobiles, or general assembly, a wrench is a necessity by all means. The IRWIN VISE-GRIP wrench set comes with two wrenches, a smaller wrench of 6 inches, as well as a larger wrench of 10 inches.

This two-piece set is engineered specifically for pipes, but can be used to fasten other things as well, which adds to its multiple functionalities.

Product Specifications:

It comes equipped with a vanadium chrome construction, which makes this wrench rust resistant and therefore, longer lasting.  

The ProTouch grip ensure no slippage and a firm grip, to provide adequate leverage and torque, when making the adjustments, without any sloppiness. The dimensions for both of them mean that they tackle any adjustment problem.

The smaller one is suited to smaller sized fasteners and hard to reach places, whereas the larger one is better for larger nuts and bolts and provides stronger torque. The adjustable jaw on both of these wrenches means that they have a broad range of capacities to accommodate almost all types of fasteners.

The wrenches come with English as well as the metric scale etched into the jaw, to make it easier to gauge the length of the opening. The adjustment is also smooth and reliable, which means that you won’t have to keep adjusting the jaw again and again. These wrenches also come with a limited lifetime warranty in case of any defects and replacement.

Pros and Cons

The positive features of this set are mainly that it is a heavy duty set, which means that it is robust and sturdy and has excellent durability because of its chrome- vanadium finish.

The scale markings on the jaw are also very helpful during usage, especially when looking for preciseness. The ProTouch grip not only holds up torque and provides sufficient grip, but it also provides comfort. The best part about this set is that they can adjust a wide variety of fasteners because they are different sizes and also because they have adjustable jaws.

The cons of this are that movable jaws do require frequent adjusting to get it to fit particular nuts and bolts properly.

Why should you buy it?

This wrench set is worth purchasing and recommended because these two wrenches combined can handle most of the adjusting jobs without requiring other larger or smaller wrenches, due to the variety of fasteners that they can accommodate.

The handles themselves provide comfort, which is hard to find with other standard toolbox wrenches. ¬†With a reasonable price tag, it’s practically like buying two wrenches for the price of one, and both are high-quality, durable wrenches that will last you a long while.

Final Verdict:

The final decision regarding these wrenches is that they fare impressively, as they are sturdy and heavy duty and can be used in multiple situations, which makes them versatile. They are high quality for a great price, and the best part is, that since they come as a set, they take care of almost all your adjusting needs, without you having to spend much, on multiple wrenches for your toolbox.

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