Crescent AC28CVS 8″ Chrome Finish Adjustable Wrench, Cushion Grip

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3.8/5 on December 16, 2016

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Ever since the early 1900s, the brand Crescent has been a household name when it comes to quality wrenches.  They continue to innovate and reshape the industry with their products, whether they’re designed for professionals, home usage or DIY categories. Crescent has made its mark when it comes to high-quality and multi-use adjustable wrenches.  

Product Specifications:

The Crescent brand is known for producing high-quality wrenches. This wrench comes with standard product dimensions of 8-inches wrenches and weighs a light 9.6 ounces, making it a bit heavier than other wrenches of the same category, but still in a comfortable range.

It becomes very easy to determine the size of the fastener needed to do the job due to its laser etched scale, on not one, but both sides of the movable jaw. The levels come in SAE as well as on the metric scale.

The rubber covering on the handle helps provide the user with extra safety, as well as comfort. This feature is especially useful when working with automobile repair and maintenance because sometimes the tool touches the electrical sources and can cause serious harm to the user if insulation is not sufficient.

This wrench also fulfills ASIN specifications. The handle is a bit wider, to provide more comfort and leverage while at the same time providing less stress to the hand and making it easier to use.

Pros and Cons:

The extra-wide capacity of the jaw allows it more versatility and the ability to work with more fastener sizes with ease. The tension spring attached to the movable head makes it easier to stabilize the jaw and makes your adjustments easier. The wrench comes with a plated finish, making it corrosion resistant.

It also comes with a rubber handle for more comfort and a firm grip. The price point of the wrench is also very reasonable, given the product features and the value it provides. It can adjust to multiple types of fasteners and the scale on the sides of the jaw help with precision.

The main complaint about this product is that its alloy steel is more refined, and thus considered softer than other metals.

Why should you buy it?

This wrench ticks all the features required for a durable, stable and high-quality wrench. The adjustable jaw with the knurl attached to it is the best feature of this wrench as. It allows for easy adjustments and the tension free spring makes sure that the changes stay in place as well. The firm ergonomic grip that is provided due to the rubber coating on the handle is a bonus to the value of the wrench, which provides not only comfort and ease of use but also ensures safety.   

Final Verdict:

Overall, this wrench is recommended because of its versatility and functionality, as well as features such as the firm grip, the adjustable jaw, and the corrosion resistant finish. A worthwhile buy, for sure.

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