Crescent CPTAW8 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set

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4.7/5 on December 16, 2016

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The Crescent CPTAW8 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set is the most recent model when it comes to premium, sturdy, heavy duty wrench sets. It’s a single wrench that offers multiple fastening options due to its reversible as well as adjusting head, which makes it one of the most versatile and best options of all the wrenches on the market.

Product Specifications:

It comes with not only an adjustable moving jaw but also a reversible jaw. The jaw has serrations inside with a thick tooth-shaped design that keeps the pipe in place, making it the perfect wrench for pipework.

Its pass-through system means that it can access areas where conventional ratchets and sockets would not fit. It is designed to provide a superb fit and comes with ten combo sockets that fit a broad variety of fasteners, from standard to metric bolts.

It is primarily constructed with alloy-steel but is coated with black phosphate to ensure it remains rust free. It also has laser-marked millimeter scale etched into the jaw to make sure the adjustments made are precise and accurate to the opening.

Pros and Cons:

The best feature of this product set is that it can do the job of many wrenches in one. Adjustable and reversible jaws enable it to accommodate a broad variety of fasteners, and due to its design, it can reach where ratchets and sockets cannot.

The black phosphate coating on its steel surface allows it to stay corrosion free. The combination of sockets that come with the set means that it can fit standard as well as metric fasteners.

It is one of the best of its kind when it comes to premium, high-quality pipes. Specifically for pipes, because the serrations and its internal deep-tooth design allow it to have a superior grip on the tube.

The only cons associated with this product are that since it has n adjustable jaw, steadying the jaw can sometimes be problematic. The ratchet mechanism it comes with can also involve some getting used to for some people.

Why should you buy it?

Crescent adjustable wrench set is worth purchasing due to the sheer amount of functions and uses it offers. Although it is more specified for uses involving pipe work, it can also be used for general assembly and home improvement work. The coating on the alloy-steel body of the wrench ensures that it will last longer than most other wrenches, without ever rusting. The combo sockets it comes with are a bonus to the wrench itself, making it able to incorporate a multitude of fasteners.

This is a premium high-end wrench. It does come with a bit higher price tag, but in my honest¬†opinion, it’s entirely justified.

Final Verdict:

The final decision for this wrench set is that is one of the best when it comes to high-end wrenches. Catered to specific uses, but also usable for other items as well, making it a versatile product, well-worth the price.

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